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When it comes to advertising within the tennis industry we really have our finger on the pulse because the #1 British tennis portal resides in our stable.

Which means we have at our disposal the largest database of UK tennis clubs, so direct exposure to your target market does not get any bigger than this.

Email Advertising

Provided we deem the content of potential emails to be appropriate for our tennis clubs, we are able to distribute marketing materials via email in plain text or HTML format.

Web Advertising

We are happy to provide a web marketing service in terms of either designing a marketing feature for your own website, or advertising logos/banners/whole pages on


If you have flyers to distribute in order to promote your product or event then we can deliver them to the heart of the tennis community better than anyone else.

If you require advertising in a specific region this isn't a problem. And if you need someone to design the flyers in the first place... we can do that too!

For further information contact us.

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